Training Success Stories

Training Graduates

Mos Def


4 months old

This beautiful puppy began the program at four months old.  He is completely deaf and his owner desperately needed to get some order in his house. Our trainer spent extra time with him to teach him hand signals and Mos Def learned very quickly.  This is a very beautiful and happy dog that returned home after our six-week program with some amazing new skills.


German Short-haired Pointer

10 months old

Barrett joined us with a range of typical puppy issues – jumping, not listening, pulling on the leash… Barret was a joy to work with and caught on very quickly. He returned home with his new skills as a very confident pup.

Tony Montana


9 months old

Tony joined us with a range of agression and stubborness – not listening, pulling on the leash, trying to be the boss, etc. He underwent the six-week training program and is now a very obedient and docile dog, despite his Scarface affiliation!

Sadie Sew

Mixed breed

2 years old

Sadie joined us with a range of typical puppy issues – not listening, pulling on the leash, inability focus and easily distracted. Dogs like this need a regimented training program like ours with a lot of positive reinforcement, especially for the “Focus” command.



8 years old

Frosty had some aggression issues and bit his groomer multiple times. Initially, he didn’t listen or let anyone touch him. We are happy to say that after our program, he passed with flying colors. He eventually succombed to the training methods and is now back home as a well-adjusted, happy and obedient dog.



5 months old

Indigo joined us with a range of typical puppy issues – jumping, not listening, pulling on the leash… Indigo’s owners did the right thing and brought her in early to start his training. Bulldogs are high energy and very intelligent, so it’s best to start training right away to get them on the right track.


Belgian Malinois

2 years old

Kelly joined us because her owner is looking for a perfectly obedient dog. She is very smart and picked up on all the commands very quickly. It was great training such a responsive dog.


Belgian Malinois

5 months old

Chester is The Dog House’s owner personal dog, He has been through the obedience training and perfected the basic commands. He will soon start his family protection training with us.


German Shepherd mix

2 years old

Zoe is high energy. She is very loving and willing to please, so the six week training program worked out really well for her. Her Shepherd roots allowed her to grasp the commands very quickly. She has returned home just as sweet, but with a lot more obedience.


Pit Bull

3 months old

Kobe’s owners were looking for perfection and so during the six-week program, we worked diligently on hand signals and off-leash commands.  Kobe graduated in the top of the class!


Australian Shepherd

2 years old

As with any Australian Shepherd, Elwood has a lot of energy and is highly intelligent. He is unique in that he had a few aggression issues, too, which were rectified prior to his graduation by the trainer mastering the position of ‘pack leader’. We worked heavily on off-leash commands as well.

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